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We are the Corporate Finance and Financial Analytics experts for your investment project. 

Our Key Areas of Expertise

We provide data-driven analysis in the context of Corporate Finance, M&A and Strategy.

From Data Analysis to Planning and Valuation to transparent Communication to investors.


Development of bankable financial models and simulation of P&L, balance sheet and cash flow.


Application of statistical analyses and forecasts in the context of strategy projects.


Company valuations according to international standards (KFS/BW1, IDW S1, IVS).


Automated processing, visualisation and analysis of company data with Microsoft Power BI.

Our approach is

1   /  Reliable

Our financial models, reports and analyses are prepared according to the highest quality standards and meet the requirements of leading banks.

2   /  Flexible

Our approach is fast and flexible to support you even with time-critical projects in a dynamic work environment.

3   /  Experience

Our team consists of Big4 consultants with many years of experience in corporate finance, strategy and analytics.

4   /  Affordable

With a fixed price or a competitive hourly rate, we can accommodate your requirements.

Support with financial modelling, valuation, data analytics, Excel and Power BI.

Use Cases

M&A-Modelle und DCF-Modelle


Development of M&A models. Coordinating M&A workstreams to establish common planning assumptions and business valuations for purchase price evaluation.

Strategische Planung

Strategic Planning

Simulating the impact of various strategic measures in a 3-way financial model (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow).

Budgetplanung Finanzmodelle

Controlling & Budget Planning

Planning, management and control of all investments in a company and preparation of rolling plans for target/actual analysis based on the existing ERP system.

Projektfinanzierung Finanzmodelle

Project finance

Financial planning of the construction and operational phases of infrastructure projects, including renewable energy and PPP projects, and optimising the financing structure.

Restrukturierung Finanzmodelle


Short-term liquidity planning on a weekly or daily basis. Projecting the impact of medium- and long-term restructuring measures on the financial results.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Applying statistical and machine learning methods to forecast key value drivers. Identifying trends, seasonalities and external influencing factors.

Finanzplanung für Start-ups


Financial planning focused on innovation and growth, taking into account start-up-specific KPIs, e.g. customer lifetime value (LTV), customer acquisition costs (CAC) and churn rate.

Immobilienfinanzierung Finanzmodelle

Real Estate Financing

Developing financial models for real estate developers, taking into account specific property metrics and financial covenants.

Controlling mit Alteryx

Controlling Tools

Acceleration of the controlling tasks through automated processing and consolidation of data from various data sources. Creation of automated reports with Microsoft Power BI.

Our tools


Austrian Gas Flow Dashboard in Power BI

The Austrian Gas Flow Dashboard visualises the natural gas flows from neighbouring countries to Austria. The article describes the contents of the dashboard and the technical implementation in Microsoft Azure.

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