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Corporate Finance

Walecon offers you comprehensive support for all corporate finance issues. Contact us for customized solutions in the area of Valuation (Indicative Valuation/Expert Valuation/Fairness Opinion/Impairment Test), Financial Consulting (Financial Modeling for Strategy & Investment/Restructuring) and Transaction consulting/M&A.



1 | Indicative Valuation

We’ll guide you through the crucial phase of financial transactions with indicative valuations for your investment decision or sale decision. You’ll receive a quick picture of the value of your target as a buyer or the value of your business as a seller. You’ll have access to a range of market buy/sell prices, an understanding of the key value drivers, and the tools you need to enter negotiation rounds. With us, you’ll find out how to achieve the optimal price in the buying and selling process.

2 | Valuations according to international standards (KFS/BW1, IDW, IVS)

To ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements (e.g. tax purposes), we support you with expert opinions on the enterprise value according to international standards (KFS/BW 1, IDW S1, IVS). You will receive a complete valuation report to present for financial, accounting, regulatory and legal occasions.

3 | Support with impairment tests according to UGB/IFRS

We support you with your impairment test according to UGB and IFRS. Contact us for methodological questions as well as for questions concerning the WACC (Peer Group, interest rate parameters, etc.).

4 | Financial Modelling - Valuation

For the purposes of company valuation, the so-called free cash flow (FCF) must be derived from an integrated planning calculation. The integrated planning calculation consisting of P&L/balance sheet/cash flow for the next 3-5 financial years forms the basis of every company valuation. An integrated planning statement is also a management tool that creates transparency and helps you to make the right decisions. We are happy to support you in the preparation of an integrated planning calculation or to develop appropriate Excel tools for you, so that you can prepare a flexible planning calculation on your own.

5 | Financial Modelling - Strategy & Investment

We support your strategic planning or investment decision with customized financial models. Make better decisions with our transparent preparation of earnings potential, cost structure and financing requirements in MS Excel, Alteryx or Power BI.

6 | Assessment of the appropriateness of a purchase or sales price (Fairness Opinion)

The appropriateness of the purchase or selling price is a central issue in corporate transactions. A fairness opinion is the opinion of an independent expert on the appropriateness of the purchase or selling price. It helps management to minimize risks, fulfill due diligence obligations and protect the interests of shareholders through transparent decisions.

7 | Transaction consulting

We are happy to support you in all aspects of the sales process, negotiations with the counterparty, and operational project management.

8 | Restructuring

Together with you, we prepare and analyze cash flow forecasts and liquidity planning. We identify restructuring and earnings potential and illustrate it in an integrated planning calculation, taking into account the targeted financing and investment decisions.

Use Cases

M&A-Modelle und DCF-Modelle

Mergers & Acquisitions

Preparation of M&A, LBO and indicative DCF models. Coordinate M&A workstreams (e.g. Financial, Tax & Commercial Due Diligence) in setting common planning assumptions.

Strategische Planung

Strategic Planning

Simulating the impact of various strategic measures in a 3-way financial model (income statement, balance sheet and cash flow).

Immobilienfinanzierung Finanzmodelle

Real Estate Financing

Creation of development and acquisition models for real estate developers, taking into account specific real estate key figures and financing requirements (covenants).

Predictive Analytics

Expert valuation

Comprehensive valuation services for tax and contractual purposes according to international standards (KFS/BW1, IDW S1, IVS) as well as support in impairment tests according to UGB/IFRS.

Restrukturierung Finanzmodelle


Short-term liquidity planning (weekly/daily) and presentation of the impact of short/long-term restructuring on the P&L and financing requirements.

Projektfinanzierung Finanzmodelle

Project finance

Financial planning of the construction and operational phases of infrastructure projects, including renewable energy and PPP projects, and optimising the financing structure.

Finanzplanung für Start-ups


Financial planning focused on innovation and growth, taking into account start-up-specific KPIs, e.g. customer lifetime value (LTV), customer acquisition costs (CAC) and churn rate

Budgetplanung Finanzmodelle

Controlling & Budget Planning

Building a roll-forward financial model for budget variance analysis, including the automated import of historical data from an ERP system.

Controlling mit Alteryx

Process Automation

Acceleration of the controlling tasks through automated processing and consolidation of data from various data sources. Creation of automated reports with Microsoft Power BI.

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